About IUIA

International University Innovation Alliance (IUIA) is the first consortium to bring the research and technologies together from the world’s top research universities for China market. A consortium of major research universities from around the world that will work together to engage with Chinese universities, enterprises, think tanks, and research parks/high tech zones to facilitate the development & commercialization of technology for application in China and abroad. It is expected after 3 years there will be 100+ universities joining the alliance and the IUIA will realize its financing plan. IUIA will become the first global innovation organization across different industries and locations. It is anticipated by Year 5, there will be approximately 1000 universities from across the globe participating in the International University Innovation Alliance. IUIA, as the first consortium to bring the research and technologies together from the world’s top research universities for China market, will create unique opportunity to leverage the globalization efforts of top tier universities to engage beyond traditional student and faculty exchanges. It will integrate the opportunities with local talent with top notch expertise from the world. The level of total financial support to develop the International University Innovation Alliance is unprecedented.